Why choose electrical training courses?

We are specialists who can advise and guide you through our unique training packages including our unlimited online training and support.

Unique online training packages give you access 24hrs a day 365 days a year to study when it is convenient for you or go back over parts of a course to get the most knowledge and understanding.

Flexible intensive practical training on a 1 to 1 basis to provide you with the understanding and skills requirements for the electrical industry.



Industry-recognized trade qualifications

We only provide the most up-to-date industry-recognized qualifications through the most recognized Awarding organization in the electrical industry so you can be sure of both quality and also the best pathway into your new career or updating your skills to the latest requirements.

This also means you do not pay VAT on trade-related qualifications for training purposes to help you gain or improve your career

We are also affiliated with the JIB and ECA to ensure quality and industry-recognized training and qualifications.


How do we work?


Train online for knowledge units with our own training portal

and Practical 1:1 assessments at our centre in Derby.




You will get advice and guidance allowing you to undertake the knowledge training through our specialist online portal that is open at any time to suit you, enabling you to go over the theory as many times as required to gain the understanding, tests throughout the course allow you to check your own knowledge and feedback from a qualified assessor helps to understand anything that might need more help.

Working in this way helps you study when you have time to review the information and understand the course material before undertaking the exams or assessments together with the one-to-one practical training and assessments that support your understanding and chosen career path.

Available on your phone

All our training and support can be accessed via computer, tablet, or phone making your knowledge training available when you want it or are available speeding up gaining the qualifications you need for your career development in this exciting industry.

Update your skills with many of our short courses!                   

Study at a time and pace that suits you!


Complete your NVQ portfolio of evidence gained on-site to support your application for a JIB gold card through your phone, and take pictures directly into your portfolio supported by us, we help and support you all the way on a fast-track development.

We have all the Electrical Installation and Electrical Maintenance Pathways and will guide you through the right choice for your Qualifications

C&G2357 44,34,91,13 and the New Experienced Worker Pathways for those who have worked in the industry for 5 or more years.



You can update your skills to any of the available C&G Electrical maintenance or Installation short courses such as

C&G2382-77 Wiring Regulations Amendment 2

C&G2921 Electric Vehicle charging point installations,

C&G2391 Inspection, and testing, Fault finding

C&G2377 PAT Portable Appliance Testing.

C&G2393 Building Regulations


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