CG2382-22 Wiring Regulations including Amendment 2

This course includes the new Amendment 2 of BS7671 (Brown Copy) 


This course is to enable those who need to undertake the new BS7671 wiring regulations and includes Amendment 2 You must have the Brown book and be prepared to answer questions relating to this updated version of BS7671 as the old Blue copy will not contain all of the information to complete the exam questions.

All qualifications will be updated to the new version from Sept 2022 when even the NET AM2 will incorporate the new edition of the wiring regulations BS7671 Brown copy

Study on the course from home will a lot of practice questions to help you gain the most from understanding and applying the requirements but also completing the required knowledge elements of the C&G qualification and exam.


This new amendment came into force on the 28th of March 2022 but for reasons of adjustment as far as qualifications and the AM2 is concerned a period of using both books has been allowed as far as courses are concerned will continue on either book Blue or Brown until September 2022.  

However, this new course and exam is for the Brown Book only using Amendment 2 For the C&G2382-22 and only the C&G2382-18 uses the Blue book 

C&G2391 inspection and testing will change in September 2022

All our courses will change over as City and Guilds notify us the exams have changed over and we will always keep you informed.


When studying this course therefore you will be undertaking references to the Brown Book of BS7671 18th edition Amendment 2 all questions will reference this book for knowledge and finding the information.


When you work through always try and look up the reference and get used to using the book to locate and read the exact requirements as in our industry although BS7671 is not law it is used and referenced for safety purposes to the Electricity at Work Regulations and Health and Safety requirements which is law.